Ottawa County Republicans' Newsletter

June 6, 2024  11:1

Hello Ottawa County Republicans,

The number ONE thing as a citizenry that you need to understand is that absentee ballots for the Primary on August 6th will already be available at Township offices by JUNE 22nd!  *This means that if Voters are not aware of which Candidates are available for the Primary vote and what these candidates individually stand for, “name recognition” alone may ‘win' in the Primary instead of conservative, Republican values and principles. 

*In an effort to draw the voters attention to the most important events of the primary election cycle, this Newsletter is significantly paired down from what we normally send to focus on what we, as a local party and delegation have discovered. We want you to be an informed Ottawa County citizen voter. We encourage you to take the time to become completely informed and read it all.

Citizen journalists along with an informed Republican Delegation of over 375 precinct delegates have uncovered a problematic Democrat crossover problem in Ottawa County due to our open primary system. *This means that liberal candidates are using the “Republican” name on their candidacy and are therefore misleading the voters in order to win here, in deep red Ottawa County for the purposes of influencing Ottawa to a more liberal outcome from the inside out.  [Please see documented Voter Education, entitled   "As vs. IS"    which explains this greater detail.]

Thank you for serving Ottawa County and make no mistake, if you are conservative, and you believe in the safety of your constitutional freedoms, traditional family values, and the dignity of your children, the upcoming August primary in Ottawa County is the most important election of our time.

Please make sure after you take in the Voter Guide and Extended Voter Guide which are both included below. There are also important articles as well, including our continued effort to protect children in Ottawa County from adult entertainers in public spaces, as well as our Volunteer Highlight, who happens to be a candidate running for US Congress District 4.

Thanks to all who came out and joined us in the Memorial Day Jenison Parade on May 27 to help us honor America's fallen.


The OCRP Holds Inaugural Endorsement Convention on May 16...

The OCRP Shares Winning Talley Sheet with the Public...

Below you will see the election results. A total 189 credentialed delegates voted. You will also see exactly how many votes each candidate received, as well as what percentage each winner won by.

The Delegation's Measure for Voting, Passed Unanimously at February Convention...

Running 'AS' a Republican vs. What a Republican Actually IS...

Voter Education: "As versus IS"                                                             

The OCRP Publishes Digital Primary Voter Guide...

Click on the link above to see or print copies of the voter guide. Or, to learn more about these individual candidates, scroll through them below.

Link to Pdf version

Extended Voter Guide

OCRP Endorsed Candidates 2024

*Items to Remember 

--Every registered voter in Ottawa County will consider the candidates below for the offices of Sheriff, Prosecutor, Treasurer, and the US Senate.

--You will vote for Commissioners by County Districts, so it's important to know which county district you reside in.

--The Office for United States Representative will be voted on by regional district. Voters will need to understand whether they reside in Regional District 3 or Regional District 4.

*Important: Some Republican candidates running in Ottawa County were not considered for endorsement because they do not have primary opponents. The Delegation held ballot-endorsement voting for candidates in contested races with primary challengers only.

Ottawa County Sheriff

4 Year Term

Jon Anderson

Ottawa County Prosecutor

4 Year Term

Greg Todd

Ottawa County Treasurer

4 Year Term

Benjamin Genser

County Commissioner District 1

4 Year Term

Gretchen Cosby

County Commissioner District 2

4 Year Term

Lucy Ebel

County Commissioner District 5

4 Year Term

Joe Moss

County Commissioner District 6

4 Year Term

Kendra Wenzel

County Commissioner District 7

4 Year Term

Rachel Atwood

County Commissioner District 8

4 Year Term

Sylvia Rhodea

 County Commissioner District 9

4 Year Term

Roger Belknap

County Commissioner District 10

4 Year Term

Jason Koert

County Commissioner District 11

4 Year Term

Allison Miedema

United States Representative

District 3

2 year Term

Michael Markey

United States Representative

District 4

2 year term

Brendan Muir

United States Senate

6 year term

Dr. Sherry O'Donnell

Volunteer Highlight

There's never been better time to highlight our Party Chair, Mr. Brendan Muir. Brendan is the current chairman of the Ottawa County Republican Party. Aside from the countless amount of hours Brendan puts in to lead the OCRP, as we're sure you've heard by now, he is also running for United States Representative for District 4. He did this recent podcast interview with Pastor Austin T. Kreutz of the Bonhoeffer Forum. It answers any questions you may have about why Brendan is running for US Representative of District 4 and why he is the best choice for this year's Primary election on August 6th.

OCRP Party Chairman, Brendan Muir

To listen, click the pic and scroll to the bottom.

*Or to go directly to the track, click HERE


Republican's Challenge the Grand Haven Pride Festival's False Marketing in Fundraising for their 2024 Drag Event...

Connecting the dots: The endorsed candidates are ones who will not support the activities that the article above covers. The OCRP's endorsed candidates believe that adult entertainment should not be in a public space and should remain an activity for citizens over the age the age of 18. This is one of the reasons why we must be informed voters, to know who will fight against this stuff and who will passively tolerate it.

Area News

Ottawa County Patriots Host Candidate Forum

(link is below)

On Tuesday, May 21, The Ottawa County Patriots held a Candidate Forum. Here is the event in its entirety. We believe once you watch it, it will be clear why the OCRP Precinct Delegates voted to endorse the specific candidates they did for Sheriff, Prosecutor and County Treasurer.

--First the candidates are given an opportunity to speak. At the end there is a Q&A section where the candidates participate together.

Relevant content begins at 24:25 on YouTube

*While the file is long, we encourage you to take the time to educate yourself about these candidates. If you don't have 2 hours right now, put a date on your calendar to watch or listen. Approach your ballot with knowledge.

 Please help us preserve liberty in Ottawa County by making a donation of any size here. Thank you!