Ottawa County could be considered a paradox in modern American Culture. How can a place so ethnically diverse be so consistently unified in belief and behavior? An area rich with Dutch heritage has somehow managed to successfully meld with booming Latin American, Hispanic, African American and Asian populations. Ottawa County exemplifies all that America is supposed to be: diverse, prosperous, and free.

There is a common phrase heard in Ottawa County: “There is no better place to raise a family.” You don’t have to look far to discover why. The word “beautiful” doesn’t even begin to describe it. On the shores of Lake Michigan, Ottawa County is a place of natural wonder that you can’t help but fall in love with. But that’s just one of many reasons why so many want to call this place home for their family.

At the core of the Ottawa County’s strength is it’s shared set of values. This is a place with strong religious foundations that help lead and support all areas of our community. While there are, and will always be disagreements among us, those take a back seat to our faith and our belief in hard work and personal responsibility. Ottawa County’s entrepreneurial spirit has kept us strong in tough economic times while the people here are as generous as you will find anywhere in the country. Our educational systems are equally strong and offer a wide variety of opportunities for children and adults regardless of their heritage or future ambitions.

Ottawa County has a consistent voice. Whether opportunities or troubles arise, we know our elected officials seek to represent the best interests of the people over personal or corporate gain. It is the people who control our politics and never the other way around. This is what allows us to continue building a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations.
For over 150 Years Ottawa County has been an example for the United States. We have stayed the course and will continue to do so. The Ottawa County GOP is proud to represent the people of this great county and we look forward to an even stronger future as new generations arise to preserve all that has made us great.

The Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln, the Republican party. No matter what name you know us by, know this: The Ottawa County GOP is dedicated to the forward thinking of our nation’s timeless values such as respect for life, individual liberty, limited government and free enterprise.