15-minute read 

Executive Summary:   The OCRP Delegation, through research and a keen interest in properly representing the conservative voters in Ottawa County are vastly aware of individual candidates running under the "Republican" name, claiming to have conservative values, yet instead governing according to liberal values. Additionally, the Ottawa County Republican Primary itself stands to lose vetted conservative candidates to the interference of liberal PAC's hiding behind "conservative" titles, openly recruiting Democrat crossover-voting sabotage. An Endorsement Convention was held due to the Public's right to know who the vetted candidates are, the ones that will be voted upon to represent them according to the Republican Party Platform and the United States Constitution.

Running 'AS' a Republican vs. What a Republican Actually IS

During election season, many candidates running for office claim to be Republicans. Ottawa County is known as one of the most conservative Counties in Michigan which is why candidates have always understood it is traditionally necessary to name themselves a "Republican" even when they're not. It is historically accurate to say that Ottawa County is one of the most conservative counties in the state of Michigan. As recently as in the 2022 elections, Constitutional conservative Republicans showed this to be accurate yet again.

*Given these facts, it is rather shocking then, that during the lockdowns of Covid and well into 2021 and 2022, our County Commissioners, ten of eleven of them who had run "as Republicans," governed our County with the highest amount of tyrannical overreach and Covid restrictions than much more liberal counties in Michigan did. For example, Muskegon County to our north is considered a more liberal county than Ottawa. Based on past voting percentages and election outcomes of a collective vote-total split,  as early as 2018, Muskegon showed a 51/49 percentage split (+1 D), where Ottawa showed a 62/33 (+29 R) percentage split.

It is interesting therefore, that Muskegon County Schools went back to school in the Fall of 2021, many of them WITHOUT masks, cutting way back on Covid measures. Individual Districts chose to require them in some districts in Muskegon County, but the Health Department and the Muskegon Board of Commissioners stayed out of it. Meanwhile, at the exact same time, Ottawa County put down a health order  choosing to mask schoolchildren in Kindergarten through 6th grade county-wide, a policy rubber-stamped by the Ottawa BOC. A reasonable question is, how on earth does this happen in an historically red County and not in an historically blue County that border each other at the exact same time? 

The only way the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners could have behaved this way in the Fall of 2021, is because these long-term politicians were not conservatives. They were liberals who merely claimed they were conservatives in order to get elected here in Ottawa and, in so doing, tried to lend a hand in changing the political landscape in Ottawa County, in an orchestrated push toward making it more liberal. Only Communists and Marxists want schoolchildren to hide their identity behind masks once a health crisis has passed. Therefore, it is widely understood now, that many candidates "put on" the "Republican" name in order to win elections in Ottawa County and have been doing so for quite some time, because most candidates understand that a democrat can't win here.

When it comes to candidates who run for political office, the Ottawa County Republican Party has no use for Rhinoism, squishy centrists, or Liberals who claim to be Republicans. Candidates such as these are unfortunately abundant because the candidates know that getting elected is impossible in most parts of Ottawa without the Republican label.

It is in that light we share the following information to inform the Public about who is a constitutionally sound Republican and who just claims to be one to mislead the Public. It is our duty then to inform you about what is really going on, so that when you step forward to vote in the August 6th Primary, you understand who is faking it and who is not. We won't be able to cover them all [or this would be a novel and not a 15-minute read], but by the end you will have a clear understanding of some of the problem-makers. We will also show you all of the candidates you can thoroughly trust to be vetted, true Republicans.

Which Candidates are Putting on the Republican Name?

We will examine three of them for you here, that have either said they are running "as a Republican," putting the emphasis on the word "as," which seems a wink and a nod to their liberal donors, to communicate it is just for this election. we will also highlight some who have openly admitted they're not Republicans, but are still using the "R" label anyway.  *Please be aware that there are more examples than we're sharing in this piece, yet these examples symbolize what's gong on across most offices for the upcoming Ottawa Primary. We begin with one of the many candidates who has recently announced for office.

Sarah Matwiejczyk, candidate for Ottawa County Prosecutor, says she's running "as a Republican."


Sarah says she's "Republican." The problem with this claim is that she is blatantly anti-parent given her record as a deputy prosecutor.  Instead of settling a family dispute over a mom, a teenager and a cell phone, Ms. Matwiejczyk brought a courtroom trail to settle this matter. Aside from the fact that the dispute did not warrant a trial, she still had the mother arrested, forced her to jail in handcuffs, and separated the mother from her nursing newborn.  The charges remained, until evidence appeared in court [which was clear all along] that required Matwiejczyk to drop the charges.

*When this took place in 2018, prior to the public national push to remove parental rights from parents and transfer rights to the schools, liberals already knew of their own plans and had their agendas. Does it really sound to you like Ms. Matwiejczyk is a Conservative? If you compare her record to our platform, how does this behavior stack up to being pro-family and pro-parent?

Furthermore, we have already noted that Matwiejczyk's press secretary/campaign advisor is a self-proclaimed Democrat, in a recent piece we did in our Voter Education.   Yet, in case you missed that one, in the below graphic it is clear that Matwiejczyk's Campaign Manager, Jacqueline Flory Poehlman, openly admits her client, Sarah Matwiejczyk is not a Republican, that she [Ms. Poehlman] has never worked for a “Republican,” and that she “never imagined” ever working for one in her life. 


*Our take? Just because Sarah Matwiejczyk is running "as a Republican," hardly makes her one. 

In our second example, we are going to examine the behavior and record of  Josh Brugger, "Republican" candidate for Commissioner of District 10.  In this first post, he describes himself as a "Republicrat." --At least he's honest and not saying altogether he is a Republican. HOWEVER, he is still running on the "Republican" ticket, and seems happy to mislead the Public via the ticket's name. A "Republicrat" is a centrist as he describes it here, correct? So it is befuddling then why Mr. Brugger has not chosen the Democratic ticket? Or why not run as an Independent, since he claims to be a centrist?  If it could be either/or, why the "Republican Party" instead of Democrat Party?  It's a fair question. As far as we know, the only other democrat running is a 21-year-old college student. You may perhaps have a better shot of winning the election if you ran as a Democrat, since a 'Republicrat' is in the middle of the two parties as he claims.

And in case you're wondering why Mr. Brugger isn't running on the Democratic ticket for District 10 Commissioner, here is further proof that he should be: below is a picture of his house and yard during the primary season of 2023. It's difficult to see due to the tree, yet when the picture is zoomed in on, one can see, he is OPENLY supporting Grand Haven's LIBERAL, mayoral candidate Andrea Hendrick, the most liberal candidate to ever run for mayor of the city of Grand Haven. If Brugger is truly a moderate as he "claims," why didn't he have a Mendoza sign in his yard or a McNally sign instead of Hendrick, who openly campaigned on the issue of turning over local control of the Board of Light and Power to the Grand Haven City Council via The Grand Haven City Charter Amendment?  

Additionally, his other yard signs include support for the Charter Amendment itself as well. Now, thankfully, both Hendrick and the Charter Amendment failed by large numbers, but it is still puzzling why Brugger supported either, given his claim of being a Centrist, especially since it wasn't long after that he declared his candidacy to run "as a Republican" for District 10 Commissioner. *Also in Brugger's sign line-up, you can also see support for Ryan Cummins for city council. Cummins is a Grand Haven City Council member who helped bring forward the Board of Light and Power Charter Amendment, as well as someone who voted for the Pride Festival in Grand Haven which we clearly understand embraces the idea of drag queens performing at Waterfront Stadium in front of children and appearing to solicit them while accepting dollar bills. Seven months after the Charter Amendment failed, there are now serious questions involving Cummins due to campaign finance violations and outside money that funded the initiative of which he was in charge. Brugger openly supported Cummins.

These are the candidates and initiatives that Josh Brugger demonstrates support for given the signs on his property. Therefore, do we believe Brugger is a Republican? Of course not, so why is he misleading the Public by running on a Republican ticket? In fact, the idea that he's a centrist at all isn't believable once you consider who and what he supports. Brugger should be running on the Democratic ticket. What do you suppose the reason is that he has chosen to run "as" a Republican?

Next, we have our third example in Mayor Mark Northrup of Hudsonville, running "as" a Republican for the Commission seat currently held by Joe Moss in District 5. Below you will see three recent social media posts. This first one is an intimidation tactic against anyone who ran under the PAC of Ottawa Impact in the last election cycle. Mark Northrup calls himself "a Republican." Does this sound to you like a Republican you want to know, or worse yet, representing your District and interests? 

We can disagree about policy positions, but blatant insults from our "fellow Republicans" is unnecessary and exposes him to sounding more like a Democrat, since shame and blame is, in our view, an identifying trait of Democrats masquerading as Republicans. [No matter how hard they try, most can't behave like vetted Republicans in the respectful manner we've come to require of each other in Ottawa County.] And, if that doesn't raise enough questions about Mayor Northrup's political affiliations, check this next one out. Here, Mark Northrup threatens citizens against their FIRST AMENDMENT Rights.

To be fair, Mayor Northrup alleges he just cares about people and that's where he was coming from. As a political Party though, we are wondering if perhaps he is asking people to take down evidence that could hurt Mr. Gibbs...We don't know and aren't sure, but it does seem like a citizen's first amendment right to ask questions and allege certain outcomes based on situations like Mr. Gibbs being fired from the County. Also, these posts were taken from a private group of Precinct Delegates. Of course, the Precinct Delegates have a responsibility to be informed on the political goings on in the County so they can inform their neighbors, which is quite literally their job. It is troublesome Mr. Northrup would say something like this to a private group of Delegates which sounds rather threatening to their specific right to know and right to say things out loud in order that they ascertain truth. At any rate, we will ask again: Does Mayor Northrup strike you as a "Republican?" Based on what record is he a Republican? So far, all we see are hollow threats, which honestly reminds us more of say....Democrats.

Finally, here is a recent threat against your Second Amendment rights from the good Mayor. He apparently thinks he personally owns the city of Hudsonville and that he can tell you not to carry your legally owned firearm.

Hopefully by now, you understand that Centrists and Democrats using the Republican label is a rampant problem here in Ottawa County. Yet, if you're still not convinced, we have a few more for you. 

Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and Republicans can all vote in the Republican Primary. Because of this, the option is available for Democrats to vote in Republican primaries.  Not only do they do this, they openly and publicly discuss their intent to do this. Instead of voting in the Democrat Primary, due to our open system here in Michigan, they will crossover and choose a Republican ballot instead and vote for liberal, fake "republicans" instead.

And here is the former Interim Chair of the Ottawa County Republican Party, another self-proclaimed “Republican” who governed the local Party in a manner that most real Republicans suggest wasn’t conservative. Why does he support Ms. Matwiejczyk, given the admissions of her marketing director? There is cause to wonder if the candidate herself would support the red nature [Constitutional aspects of prosecutorial discretion] of our County’s citizens overall, since this type of crossover is allowed in primary elections.

Mr. Den Hollander moved across town, vacating his original seat as a Precinct Delegate. He is running again for Precinct Delegate on the Southeast side of the County, against a group of long-trusted Delegates. *You decide, but we're fairly certain he's not a Republican given his support of an anti-parent prosecutorial candidate and his involvement in the politically liberal PACENation organization.


Additionally, the following local podcast features former BOC Chairman, [current sitting Commissioner of District 10] Roger Bergman, a "Republican," admitting he had to run "AS  a Republican," since no one can get elected in Ottawa County if they claim to be a Democrat. Bergman's testimonial is noteworthy, given he was the Board Chair during the worst of Ottawa's Covid lockdowns. This is a 45-second clip. 

To View this entire podcast and to read the breakdown of our analysis and references to more time-clips, please scroll to the bottom under Supplementary Material.

*As you can clearly see, our primary elections are compromised, by allowing any participant to vote in them. Democrats are actively engaged in sabotaging the vote, before the primary even happens.  Republicans need to vet, vote and endorse their own representation together, in order to have candidates running in Primaries who are clearly understood and conclusively decided upon. The materials compiled and referenced above are open, admitted public comments. These candidates, electeds and those who work for them are fully admitting they are not conservative Republicans.

And if all of that weren't enough, this happened over the weekend of February 26, 2024 just prior to the Presidential Primary Election⬇️

Michigan Primary 2024: Crossover Efforts Target Trump...


Another Big Problem

So, as we have established, there is a contingency of candidates running under the Republican name that are not, in fact, Republicans. Worse yet, however, are a litany of local PAC's and liberal groups who are getting out the vote in Ottawa County to make sure that liberals do in fact crossover and vote for "As," not "IS' Republicans (aka, Democrats). Some of these new PAC's are: Ottawa Integrity PAC, NorthEast Ottawa Positive Action Committee, Ottawa Objects, Conservative Ottawa just to name a few. As you can see, they openly subvert language to lie and mislead their intentions, but when they believe no one is looking, they openly discuss their divisive plans.

This photo was provided by a source in the closed social media groups of Organize Ottawa and Ottawa Objects, both groups of which were formed to combat against the principles of our conservative Board of Commissioners who brought us the Resolutions of Protecting Childhood Innocencethe Honoring of Veteransand resolving to be a County based on the Constitution of the United States of America.  As you can see, these groups are engaging multiple PACs, led by liberals who are aiming to elect candidates running "as Republicans." The problem is, they are full-throated with their disdain for Trump supporters and our current Commissioners who have brought the voters their conservative preferences.

We would be remiss if we were not to also include the following. Below is notarized paperwork demonstrating the forming of the PAC "Conservative Ottawa." Josh Brugger, Roger Bergman and others like them are involved with this PAC. Again, they are using "conservative" language to publicly represent themselves as a worthwhile Republican money-gatherer and raise funds for their PAC under this premise. But here's the thing:

As you can see, this PAC was recently formed on January 29, 2024 and was notarized by "Constance Eardley." The problem is, Connie Eardley worked closely with Keith Den Hollander and others to sabotage your new leadership that came into power in January of 2023. *After a new Executive Committee was elected by the entire Ottawa County Republican Delegation (almost unanimously) in December of 2022, Connie Eardley along with Mr. Den Hollander sued the Ottawa County Republican Party of which she claims to be an important part, using lawfare because she did not like the outcome voted on by the Delegation. Her name was on the lawsuit, along with Jordan Jorritsma (another questionable "Republican" candidate running for Commissioner in District 2.)

Do Mrs. Eardley and Mr. Jorritsma sound like "Republicans" to you, when instead of respecting the Delegation's vote, sued them instead? The escapade cost the Party thousands. It does not ring true that a Party one claims to love and a body one claims to be proud of being a part goes to these lengths if they were really a Republican?! A side note is that this past February at County Convention, the motion was made to censure Connie Eardley and Jordan Jorritsma for their behavior. The Censure was unanimously passed by 178 credentialed Republican Delegates. And now of course, Eardley along with others have formed the "Conservative Ottawa" PAC to mislead voters into donating their money in order to support candidates who run "as" Republicans, but are actually not Republicans. 

So then, given these problems, how is a voter supposed to know who stands for what issues and truths, when all of the candidates on their list swear they are Republicans? [Tip: When liberals like Ottawa Objects and Ottawa "Integrity" push specific candidates, you know they are not Republicans.] Still, there is public confusion. How can the Voter know?

The Answer:

Through An informed Delegation.

What Makes An Endorsement Convention Necessary

Through this educational piece, we’ve tried to educate you as best we can on the enormous Democrat crossover problem here in Ottawa County, both with citizen-voting Democrats choosing Republican ballots AND candidates openly running against the ideas on the Republican Party Platform, both of which are exacerbated by liberal PAC's claiming to be for conservatives. Candidates like Sarah M. can claim she's pro-life all day long, but her record as a prosecutor doesn't support the claim. A Pro-life/Pro-family prosecutor would have settled a small dispute over a cell phone without separating a nursing mother from her newborn in handcuffs and throwing her behind bars. This is one example of how our Primary system is being extorted and how liberal or centrist candidates in Ottawa say they are running "As a Republican." However, the OCRP is only interested in Republicans who are VETTED by our Delegation.

As a Party, we recently took an Inaugural first step to try to protect against some of this by informing the Voters [of which Ottawa is still majoritively conservative] of our knowledge of these candidates and others, by having an endorsement convention on May 16. The Resolution to hold the Convention was unanimously passed by the body at our Primary Convention in February of 2024, when MCL required us to gather in order to certify the results of the Presidential Primary.

How Can You, the Voter, Be Reassured the Vetting of Candidates is Reliable?

We know you have questions, so here is our impassioned response to valid questions and concerns of taking this above step of the endorsement process of "Republican" Candidates before the Primary this year. Our Delegation claims to be informed. *Here is how you can know that it is true.

Here is our "Why."

Many Ottawa citizens were horrified by what took place in Ottawa County during 2020, 2021 and well into early 2022. So much so, that they knew the only way to change the many problems and situations such as the local Health Department shackling a school  who wouldn’t comply with them, or school districts placing masks on  "all staff and students," which included children as young as three years old in preschool and district daycare, was to run for Precinct Delegate in order that they could become influencers of healthy, conservative change, by representing their own neighborhoods. *For the first time, most Ottawa County residents would have neighborhood representation, a system of self-governance set by our Country's Founders. So, in December of 2022, a record of 330 duly-elected Precinct Delegates, of whom showed up at their County Convention and in a vote close to 100%, elected a brand new Executive Committee to run the local Party here in Ottawa.

Why are so many new precinct delegates craving new leadership and responding by filling seats that sat empty for decades? *Because we were the horrified moms and dads watching the rolling cancellations of our children’s activities during Covid. We are the parents who tried to help shepherd our primary-aged schoolchildren who could not sit still during 'online learning’ and the travesty of it. We are business owners who lost their businesses altogether and/or still haven’t crawled back to where we were pre-Covid. We are family members who weren’t allowed to hold our loved one’s hand as they passed into eternity due to the tyranny of oppressive MDHHS policies. We are worshippers who were locked out of worship services at our own churches, while casinos, liquor stores and big box corporate stores flourished while remaining open.

What the Endorsement Convention was, was the coming together of two hundred representatives known as Precinct Delegates who are neighborhood Representatives, who now find ourselves in local politics up to our necks, because we refused to continue to be couch-complainers. We didn’t feel we could criticize the situations of local government if we weren’t doing anything ourselves to help change it. Because this contingency of citizens are now Delegates, we are the most informed citizens in the County on the values and issues of the Republican Party. We sleep, drink and eat the facts of our elected officials and whether or not they behave according to their campaign promises.

We have learned much.

We know much.

It is our absolute duty to be informed, to put candidates through rigorous vetting processes, and equip and train our Delegates [each other] on how to do this.

While many can misunderstand an Endorsement Convention as a “power grab,” here is how we can prove to you that it is about about what we say it is, which is vetting and choosing the most conservative candidates and inform you for the upcoming primary election.

Are you ready for the reason? Here it is:

Not a single one of Ottawa Counties' Precinct Delegates are paid one thin cent. *Elected officials are paid some, such as the Sheriff, the Prosecutor, the County Treasurer, Commissioners, etc. So, if these office-holders are going to be paid OUR collective tax dollars and they run AS Republicans, we are going to make certain that they are the kind of leaders who will not rubber-stamp mask policies and school closures for example, that they will protect children from situational harm, and will support the issues of the Constitution of the United States of America.

No Precinct Delegates are paid.

The Delegate-Appointed Members of the Republican Party Executive Committee are not paid (24 members of which are non-elected officials).

The Chairman of the Party isn’t paid.

The ViceChair isn’t paid.

The Communications Chair isn’t paid.

The Chair of Memberships [Delegate organizer] isn’t paid.

The Treasurer isn’t paid.

The Party Secretary isn’t paid.

The Chair of Subscriptions [Fundraising] isn't paid.

All of these individuals including four hundred Delegates are not paid….Any. Thing. Ever.

So what’s in it for us you ask? The answer is simple.

A Free Ottawa.

An Endorsement Convention was held because  an overwhelming majority of credentialed delegates  were motivated by giving the Ottawa County Public the best choice on their August Primary ballot between a Republican and a Democrat. When there are three "Republican" Commissioner candidates [as we have in District 11 this Primary] or three of anything on your ballot for one office, would you admit to being perhaps overwhelmed or confused as to which one will defend your freedoms the best? Have you ever stood in the polling booth staring at your ballot wishing you could open your phone and do a quick search so you can be sure about your vote? Voting, when multiple candidates appear on the ballot in a primary is confusing and difficult for the voter.

That is where we come in. As Delegates, it is our job to take all the guesswork out of that process for the citizen, and to understand which candidate is an airtight Republican, and which is a crossover Democrat wearing the “R” name to get elected in Ottawa County.

As is established, there are over 400 precinct Delegate seats right here in Ottawa County. Most of us have meetings and lengthy discussions about candidates everyday. We do research, and conduct intel and reconnaissance, because to put it in layman’s terms, we are royally ticked off about the lockdowns, closures, and ill-repair of 2020-2022. We know it will happen again due to Democrats representing themselves as Republicans during campaign season unless we remain vigilant. We want a free Ottawa for our children and grandchildren and for future generations to come. 

Additionally, Endorsements make the Republican Party relevant again, by holding candidate claims of Republicanism accountable to the most active Republicans, who are the precinct delegates.

Questions about what the local Party considers a Republican to be? Link here to our recent Resolution passed on February 15, 2024 in a unanimous vote by the Ottawa County Delegation.

For more information about the Precinct Delegate system in the state of Michigan, link to Michigan Precinct First. 

For coverage of the Endorsement Convention results, see here:

See source material for Open, Closed, and Hybrid Primaries . For information specific to Michigan elections, see Here  

*The Republican Precinct Delegates know the difference between as and is. They know who is running "as" a Republican vs who actually IS a Republican. For more information on who IS a vetted Republican, see here:

Supplementary/"As versus IS Republican"

Thank you for coming to listen to this podcast in its entirety. Here, you will find further information about how "Moderates" view the Ottawa County Republican Party and why taking the guesswork out of who is running "as a Republican" VS  who really IS a Republican. Below is a 58-minute podcast that includes an interview of Commissioner Roger Bergman and Georgetown Township Trustee, Becky Steele. It was recorded 6/7 months ago in November of 2023. We hope you'll find it eye-opening. Also, we've put together some interesting moments for you based on the exact clip-time in the audio including our thoughts and commentary, should you rather scroll and listen to the highlights, based on the premise of AS vs IS.

Why is an Endorsement Convention Necessary?

—Because of the AS vs IS factor

Click on the picture to listen on Youtube


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6:15—7:00  When I ran for the County Board [BOC] I knew that Ottawa County is a Republican County and that if I wanted to be elected I needed to run as a Republican.

7:44—9:20 …in 2015…the Party started to change …the Patriots came on—this further right group….then …whole thing with Trump…it changed the whole dynamics of the Republican Party…slowly what happened was…it started to swing more and more to the right…since then…two years ago…there were only two [Commissioners] that were going [to Party affiliated Events/Meetings.]

Our Thoughts: Hmmmm. If you stopped going to Party events and meetings over two years ago Commissioner, because you felt convicted by the direction of the Party, why did you run “as a Republican” in 2022? It's a fair question. You could have redeclared as an Independent, since you claim a "moderate" stance as your adherence.

9:45—11:40…  The takeover of the Party—The stealing… —The stolen party—checking the Republican box…when religion, this nationalistic Christianity started to take hold…people used scripture …to weaponize their religion to justify certain things they were advocating for…

Our Thoughts: Restoring the Republican Party back to its original platform places an intentionality on our Judeo-Christian values and the Constitutional priorities of our Country’s founding. Whenever politicians are reminded that our Country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, also known as scripture that supports freedom, and they also then accuse conservatives of “weaponizing scripture,” they usually identify as Democrats. However, when a Republican does this, they claim to be a "moderate." Of course we know that accusations don’t come from God. Our Founders were not moderates in that sense. Our Founders said, ...Put God’s name on the currency. Let our currency reflect "in God We Trust." Conservative Republicans don’t consider this to be a moderate act on the part of our Founders.

On one hand, Bergman calls himself a Christian in this podcast. On the other hand, he refers to Christians as “they” and “them.” We wonder if he means to say that he is a moderate Christian? We're not altogether certain, yet he doesn't speak in a way that suggests he's fan of Judeo-Christian values. As Ottawa County Republicans, we don’t feel there is such a thing as a moderate Christian. There are those who seek the Lord and those who know the Lord, and then there are those who pretend to know the Lord; this last option allows politicians to stay in the grey, squishy middle rather than being locked into a position on an issue. It is the easiest way to get Ottawa County's conservative votes when one isn’t really a Republican.

29:48  I am the figure head for normal People [referring to the center and the left]

29:55  Doug Zylstra and I are working hard [together] to derail some of this stuff.”  

[Emphasis ours. --The “stuff,” being Protecting Childhood Innocencethe Honoring of Veteransand resolving to be a County based on the Constitution of the United States of America]

31:50—32:02  I served on the Board [BOC] for 10 years and we had a normal Board...”

Our Thoughts: We are wondering if “Normal” is considered the masking of schoolchildren in August of 2021 as school began, when Covid numbers were low. This is when of course Commissioner Bergman was Chairman of the BOC and claimed the Board had no authority over the, then Health Director.

These last segments focus on Georgetown Township Trustee, Becky Steele's remarks, further reiterating the need to run "as" a Republican⬇️

34:09: Host asks Becky Steele: Tell me First why you decided to run AS a Republican? Why did you choose to not be a Democrat?

35:27: Steele's Remarks: The problem there, is that the Republican Party is far right.

37:20: The Ottawa County Republican Party isn't looking for someone like me who thinks we shouldn't be censoring books in the library...

38:40: I've been pretty open about it being very hard for me to identify as a Republican anymore...

Our Thoughts: Regarding Becky Steele's remarks: we are glad she is open about the difficulty for her to identify as a Republican. It IS however curious that she claims in the beginning of the podcast that she chose to run "as" a Republican over a Democrat because of her stance on abortion and that she is Pro-Life. It is interesting that she labels the local Party at the same time as being "far right" with disdain, since the Life issue is far and away what earns us that label.

So, as she readily admits it's difficult for her to identify with the Republican Party, we also think it's great that she doesn't have to. She can run as a Democrat or an Independent. It’s okay for her to come out of the closet. If she hates our ideals and can’t identify with them, she can look for another Party whose values she can more align herself with.

The OCRP will be looking for candidates who understand that protecting children in school Districts from viewing obvious porn in the school system endangers children, and that the Censorship of appropriate library materials is an altogether different matter than child endangerment. If this makes the OCRP a radical Party, then we accept the label.

*Township Trustee races do not fall into the category of a Delegate Primary vote and would be an office still voted on by the Public in the primary. However, if Becky is wondering if the Republican Precinct Delegates of Ottawa County would vote for Becky Steele to be on the ballot should she run for Commissioner or a higher office, the answer is very simple. Probably not. *We value children more than we value the lie that clearing porn from a school library is the exact same issue than the issue of censorship for the sake of censorship.

Final thoughts on this podcast: *The Republican Precinct Delegates know the difference between as and is. They know who is running as a Republican vs who actually IS a Republican. For more information on who IS a Republican, see here:


Thank you for choosing to equip yourself with knowledge and Voter Education,


Communications Team

Newsletter Editorial Team

Information Subcommittee

June 5, 2024 




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