Truth Vs Insanity--Grand Haven Pride Committee Vs the Citizenry

Truth Vs Insanity

Truth Vs Insanity is a Column we run from time to time when we see large disparities in Media coverage and/or in Marketing/Advertising between what is factual and what is blatantly misleading to the citizenry of Ottawa County. This month, the disparity is in the way the 2024 Grand Haven Pride Festival is choosing to market itself to the community's businesses in order to raise sponsorships.


The Grand Haven Pride Festival Committee 


The Citizens of Ottawa County and Grand Haven


Next month, the City of Grand Haven will host their second annual, "Pride Festival." We've put the title in quote marks because we're not altogether sure of what the City Council is proud of exactly. One has to wonder after last year's stunning debacle of soliciting children in a public space in broad daylight, why they would enthusiastically promote this event again.

*Unfortunately, it has become necessary to educate the public on what the Truth Vs the Insanity is in the promotion of this event. 

Rev. Jared Cramer of St. John's Episcopal Church in Grand Haven is enthusiastically promoting the pride festival again this year, publicly asking for donors. Here is the INSANE nature of what he's put on their promotional materials in order to raise sponsors for funding.

Do you find this photo upsetting or insane?? We do not, and that is because the above photo is benign. However, the TRUTH of what happened in the public square last summer on a Saturday afternoon, is in the photos below. What's insane about the above promo is that it's a lie.

WARNING: These are startling photos below if you haven't seen them. Yet, since this happened in public and the Pride Festival Committee, as well as the Grand Haven City Council continues to support this endeavor, in addition to asking area businesses to "invest," we feel it is a responsibility to educate the public about what took place. 

Before scrolling down, we want to be clear of our point: If Rev. Cramer and the Grand Haven City Pride Committee is so PROUD of this event, the most poignant question is this: WHY aren't they marketing it with the TRUE photos of what took place instead of the benign one??





The soliciting of children for cash at a drag queen performance at Waterfront Stadium downtown Grand Haven on a Saturday afternoon. 

What Can You Do About This?

Take a look at the businesses supporting these events and ask yourself if this is the type of business you want to spend your hard earned tax dollars supporting. *If you work for one of these organizations, perhaps you can share these photographs with them [in a kind, respectful way], along with the articles below [which are some additional resources we've included] to demonstrate how these events are hurting the children of our community. We suspect some of the contributors are unaware of how bad last year's event was and how many people were hurt by it and do not want events like these in our communities.

Another thing you can do is speak out against this behavior by publicly attending a Grand Haven City Council meeting and sharing your opinion during public comment. *Even if you're not from Grand Haven, it would help the City to know that Ottawa County at large is aware and does not support this behavior, especially around children.

TRUTH: Children were publicly solicited by sexually inappropriate behavior in Grand Haven at the 2023 Pride Festival. Area business have signed up to support this AGAIN.


INSANITY⬇️: Cramer and the Grand Haven Pride Committee marketing this Event to businesses as if the event were benign, while openly claiming bigotry of those who won't support it.


Additional Resources

As promised above, here are some additional resources for anyone needing to inform the Pubic that these things happened last year at the Grand Haven Pride Festival. If a community wants change, creating awareness is important. *If it happened in Grand Haven, it can happen anywhere in Ottawa County. You can get ahead of this by sharing these resources. This one is a social media piece Restore Ottawa put together from the 2023 Pride Event with more photos and video. *We recognize that some people are not comfortable posting or sharing the post on social media for obvious reasons, yet even privately texting and/or emailing a link of this post to unaware citizens can create more awareness and we encourage it.

See Here for Restore Ottawa Facebook Post


Not-So-Old News

Children Groomed at Grand Haven Drag Show...

If you prefer more of an article format to share instead of social media, Restore Ottawa does an excellent job with this account. *It's been 11 months since the Grand Haven Pride festival. Given what took place, we find this news Not-So-Old. Please share this information with citizens in Ottawa County.

--You really need to need to know who is running for office under the Republican Party "label." Many of them are not vetted  Republicans. Not everyone who claims to be a Republican, IS a Republican. Some unvetted Republicans support the endeavors of exposing the Community's children to the content of these events in the name of "Inclusion." 

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Sick of this yet? Yeah, so are we.