What is a Precinct Delegate?

A precinct delegate is elected directly by the voters in each precinct and are elected to serve as a liaison between the Republican Party and voters in their neighborhood. Precinct delegates also represent their neighborhood at various Republican meetings throughout their two-year term.

How do you become a Precinct Delegate?

The deadline to file and have your name appear on the Ballot in August has passed. You may run as a Write-In Candidate, please email [email protected] if you would like information about running as a Write-In Candidate. There are opportunities to be elevated at future County Conventions, where there are vacancies. Please check back here prior to the next County Convention for more information and vacancy information.

Additional information about Precinct Delegate Qualifications can be found here

Role of a Precinct Delegate:

The role of a precinct delegate is to be a liaison between their neighbors and the Republican Party and is responsible with helping turn out the Republican vote on Election Day. You will be asked to help register people to vote, distribute literature, identify Republican supporters and ensure they vote on Election Day. 

You are also a delegate to the County Convention's called during your two year term. Depending on the cycle, this can be 3 or 4 conventions. Each convention has a different purpose which will be detailed when the convention is called. Conventions take place in Ottawa County in the evening and notices are sent to delegates detailing the time and location. These notices, or "Call to Convention", are sent out via first-class mail roughly 30 days prior to the convention.

County Conventions are where delegates have the opportunity to vote on things at the County level, county party leadership, nominations of delegates to State Convention etc.
State Conventions are where nominated delegates have the opportunity to vote on State level activities, State party leadership, nominations for Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Board of Education, electoral college representation etc.

While every election and delegate differ, delegates should plan on attending conventions and spending roughly 2 hours a week helping Republican Candidates up and down the ballot. If everyone who files does this, we will WIN THE DAY!


Email [email protected] or call 616-396-3791