Township Meeting Materials

Introduction/Directions from Election Integrity

Election Integrity has compiled a list of Ottawa townships, cities, and village meetings that are happening in July. *Please check out your local area at the list of dates and municipalities at the link below and please go and participate. We need to shed light on what is going on.

Please NOTE:

There are two kinds of meetings.

1. Election Commission Meetings: *These are meetings where presence and listening is needed.

2. General Township Meetings: *These are meetings where we need delegates to give public comment on the issues at hand.

When checkin the list of meeting dates, please make sure to distinguish whether the meeting in question is an Election Commission Meeting to a General Township Meeting.

Included in additional links on this page are a few scripts that you can read at General Township Meetings [or you can write your own to read at these local meetings.] Please read these templates as they reveal a lot of important information.

Click here for upcoming meeting list

Regarding this first link to the available Township and City Council meetings⬆️, there are two documents listed, which are the Cities and Townships. First you will see the Cities, and will need to scroll down to also see the Townships.


Click here for sample speech 1


Click here for sample speech 2


Click here for MCL 168.765a


Another Way to Participate

Besides speaking at meetings, another way to get involved is to ask to meet with the local clerk and understand the system and safeguards they have in place. —The clerks are also arranging Election Commission Meetings to approve counting boards and election inspectors. Something new they haven't told us is, they are now allowed to start counting absentee ballots on July 29th!  This is new, based on Benson pushing through the unconstitutional MCL section 168.765a.

Also, the clerks are given a lot of leeway with reusing ballot boxes or having a new box each time they count! This is left up the clerk's discretion.

Important questions to ask the Clerks:

Are they counting early? 

If so;

--Where are they counting the absentee ballots?

--We need to go and observe these counting areas.

--How many days will they be counting ballots early?

--We should get the schedule and make sure we have people to attend.

--Do you need help from the citizens? We would like to help to make sure there is a smooth and trustworthy process.

--Where and how long are ballots retained and what specific security protocols are in place to ensure no tampering?

--Is  there are camera surveillance on every single drop box? Who has access to drop boxes?

--Are the Albert sensors turned on in their machines?

--Are they confident the chain of custody is perfect?


If you have any further questions about how to participate,

please contact Deena Arnold at 616-638-1478.