OCRP: Clearing Up Confusion

Ottawa County Republican Party

July 3, 2024  

Dear Ottawa County Republicans,

It has come to our attention that FALSE communications are being sent out in our name. The organization “wmigop” is NOT us. Also, that circled logo below is NOT ours either.

On the contrary, this is a lie put forward by a NON-grassroots section of politicians claiming to be Republicans who are NOT conservatives. They of course know that in order to get elected here in Ottawa County, they need to claim to be conservative in spite of the fact that they are not.

For the record, please see our REAL Voter Guide of vetted, endorsed conservative candidates. 

The OCRP Publishes Digital Primary Voter Guide...

Are you wondering why a group of politicians would call themselves "conservative" and mislead the Public as to their honest motives politically? It's a great question and we have answers in this piece below⬇️

Running 'AS' a Republican vs. What a Republican Actually IS...

          Voter Education: "As versus IS"          


*Please also be advised that “anti-comms” is a form of confusion, a political tactic often used to confuse voters during election time. You have our word as a Party that we will never intentionally send you a confusing email communication. All official communication from the OCRP or official communications on behalf of our vetted candidates will contain the information,


"Paid for with regulated funds by the Ottawa County Republican Committee, not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. --Ottawa County Republican Party--230 Central Ave, Holland, MI 49423."


*Any communication not containing this language should be considered fraud. Having said that, if you EVER have any questions about something you've received or are unsure what is meant by a particular communication, please reach out to us at at [email protected] or call us at 616-396-3791.

Also, here is our News Coverage of what took place at Endorsement Convention.

The OCRP Held Inaugural Endorsement Convention on May 16...

Here is the measure by which the Delegation voted to endorse our vetted conservative candidates.

The Delegation's Measure for Voting, Passed Unanimously at February Convention...

 Thank you for taking the time to be an informed voter. We apologize that communications like this are even necessary due to the tricks of those who would rather steer Ottawa County in a liberal direction by misleading the public.                 

 Please help us preserve liberty in Ottawa County by making a donation of any size here. Thank you!


Thank you for serving Ottawa County,


--Ottawa County Republican Party Communications Team


---Paid for with regulated funds by the Ottawa County Republican Committee, not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. Ottawa County Republican Party · 230 Central Ave, Holland, MI 49423, United States · Mailing address: PO Box 514 Hudsonville, MI 49426