OCRP Candidates for Office-2024 Endorsed

Hello Ottawa County Republicans,

Please see below, the results of the OCRP Endorsement Convention. These are your Endorsed Candidates, according the the Ottawa County Republican Delegation and the Republican Accountability Resolution. This Resolution contains the standards used to endorse the individual candidates you will see below. There were 189 credentialed delegates in attendance who voted. These are their choices as duly-elected delegates who represent their neighbors in their precincts. 

The Precinct Delegates are the most informed citizens on the content of the Republican Accountability Resolution and how all of the candidates measure up to it. The Delegation has united under strong leadership to prioritize the citizens' values above all else, by voting for the most ethical conservative candidates to represent them in office.

We will introduce you to the candidates first. Then at the end, we will show you the winning Talley sheet.

Items to Remember 

--Every registered voter in Ottawa County will consider the candidates below for the offices of Sheriff, Prosecutor, Treasurer, and the US Senate.

--You will vote for Commissioners by County Districts, so it's important to know which county district you reside in.

--The Office for United States Representative will be voted on by regional district. Voters will need to understand whether they reside in Regional District 3 or Regional District 4.

*Important: Some Republican candidates running in Ottawa County were not considered for endorsement because they do not have primary opponents. The Delegation held ballot-endorsement voting for candidates in contested races with primary challengers only.

Thank you and enjoy!

2024 Endorsed Candidates

Ottawa County Sheriff

4 Year Term

Jon Anderson


Ottawa County Prosecutor

4 Year Term

Greg Todd


Ottawa County Treasurer

4 Year Term

Benjamin Genser


County Commissioner District 1

4 Year Term

Gretchen Cosby


County Commissioner District 2

4 Year Term

Lucy Ebel


County Commissioner District 5

4 Year Term

Joe Moss


County Commissioner District 6

4 Year Term

Kendra Wenzel


County Commissioner District 7

4 Year Term

Rachel Atwood


County Commissioner District 8

4 Year Term

Sylvia Rhodea


 County Commissioner District 9

4 Year Term

Roger Belknap


County Commissioner District 10

4 Year Term

Jason Koert 


County Commissioner District 11

4 Year Term

Allison Miedema


United States Representative

District 3

2 year Term

Michael Markey


United States Representative

District 4

2 year term

Brendan Muir


United States Senate

6 year term


Dr. Sherry O'Donnell


Voter Education--Michigan Supreme Court

Endorsed candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court will not be on your primary ballot in May. However, we've included them here because they were also endorsed by the Delegation. At the Republican State Convention, traditionally held in late August, the precinct-delegate body of the State of Michigan, which consists of thousands of delegates who represent thousands more from across the state, will convene in Lansing. The state delegation, as has been tradition in Michigan for both political parties for many decades, will vote for the Supreme Court candidates who appear on your ballot in the general election on November 5, 2024.

*There are two seats open on the Court this November. If the state delegation votes for them at state convention, their names will appear on your ballot in November.  

8 year term

Andrew Fink


Partial term, 4 years.

 Judge Patrick O'Grady


Official Election Results

Below you will see the election results. A total of 189 credentialed delegates voted. You will also see exactly how many votes each candidate received, as well as what percentage each winner won by.

The Delegation's Measure for Voting

See here for Accountability Resolution