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April 14, 2024  9:1 

Editor's Preamble: Hello and thank you and welcome to the April edition of the Ottawa County Republicans' Newsletter. We trust you had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the nice Spring temperatures as well!

Please check out our Volunteer Highlight and Ottawa Business Spotlight this month!

In our Events section down below, you will see an upcoming opportunity to support the work of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners by attending a meeting on April 23rd. *See details in our Area News and Upcoming Events sections below.

Also, we are gearing up for a BIG campaign season here! We are looking forward to seeing many of you this Thursday night as we celebrate the Lincoln Day Dinner at our Senate Candidate Forum! Many of you will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the candidates so you can vet them for yourselves this Thursday evening.

Enjoy the Newsletter and also please consider a recurring donation of only $5 per month to help us run candidates for office with the highest constitutional ethics here in Ottawa County.

Thank you and enjoy!

--Newsletter Editorial Team 

Spring Eagle
John Isham
Thanks to John Isham of Ottawa County for capturing this beautiful photo of a Spring Eagle, in Spring Lake on March 15th and giving us permission to share it.


The OCRP Will Hold an Endorsement Convention this Upcoming May...

The OCRP Passes Republican Accountability Resolution Solidifying its Position on What a Republican Is...

The OCRP Publishes Voter Education, establishing the important difference between Running 'AS' a Republican, versus What 'IS' A Republican...

We've compiled materials for you to read and understand, given that the citizens in your precincts may have questions about our upcoming Endorsement Convention on May 16th. We encourage you to share this Voter Education of moving to a Republican Delegate Primary. Although the opportunity did not become available during this past weekend at District Caucus to pass State wide, Ottawa will still lead on educating the Public on this important value for the future of our Republican Party.

See it on Facebook here

See the piece directly here

On February 29, we posted Voter Education on the topic of what it would mean to have a closed primary in Ottawa County. A portion of that piece was an exposition and breakdown of a recent local podcast where the difference between a candidate who runs "as a Republican" is radically different than a candidate who actually IS a Republican. You can see that section specifically by scrolling to the "Supplementary" portion of the piece.

*Voter Education: What Is a Primary, How the Primary Needs to Change, Why Change is Necessary and Who This Change Helps...

The OCRP Holds Election Integrity Event with TRUE My Vote...

The above link brings you to our Facebook coverage. If you don't have Facebook, you can see this post right HERE


Area News

Commissioner Lucy Ebel from District 2 is up for a special election May 7 due to having recall filed against her. This national article⬇️ does a good job of explaining the facts of how and why if you need to know what's behind the recall. 

Ottawa County’s first Latina county commissioner, Lucy Ebel, faces a recall vote in May...

Lucy Ebel picThere is one very specific thing you can do to help Commissioner Ebel win the Special Election on May 7 in District 2:

*Do you know anyone who lives in District 2?  Please take a good look at this County map to see if you potentially know someone who resides in Lucy's district. It is the purple section in the lower left, southwest side of the County. If you think you do, we ask that you encourage them to vote for Commissioner Lucy Ebel on May 7, 2024.You can also donate to her campaign to help. You can do so below⬇️

Donate to Commissioner Ebel's campaign here. Thank you!

Prayer in the Public Square--Free Speech is 1000 Miles Away From Agreement...

Joe Moss, Chair of the Board of Commissioners, addresses the widely controversial issue of a satanist leader coming to give an "Invocation" at an upcoming Board meeting on April 23rd. Click above to either hear the audio or read the piece in print.

More Area News

Area Schools Collecting Children's Information Without Parental Consent or Knowledge...

Restoring Ottawa Banner


In some Michigan districts, the line between parents and school has blurred...

Simply American Pic

Local Culture 

Schools Need to Foster Critical Thinking and Not Enable Emotional Fragility...

Dr. Tim Penning is a Professor of Advertising and Public Relations at Grand Valley State University. He is a Christian professor on a secular college campus, and therefore has exceptional insights of being a conservative who is surrounded by secularism and how to survive the liberal push to think differently.

National Culture

 Why You Should Have More Kids...

The Rocket Book (1912), Peter Newell. Public Domain.

We sat up and took notice of the piece, "Why You Should Have More Kids," due to the fluidity and beauty with which it is written. Once we looked closer, we realized it wasn't actually "a written piece," but a spoken one, recently shared at Yale University on March 15, 2024. It's not everyday when you hear this type of Conservative value being spoken over a group of students at a secular, Ivy League, elite college. It stands out as special, in spite of the fact that it was in a debate forum where opposing points of view are more welcomed. The truth is the truth and we thought this was so significant for the culture of college students that we wanted you to know it happened. It seems there is a tiny shift  even in these college environments to speak truth to family values and we are hoping you feel as encouraged as we did.

Not-So-Old News

It's been exactly FOUR years since the live-time initial hysteria of Covid lockdowns. Four years ago right now, we were living out the second round of Gubernatorial cancellations in our state, and we had just finished lockdowns of an additional 15 days, PAST the initial  "fifteen days to slow the spread." Given this recent interview by the ethics-driven Dr. Scott Atlas by Prager University, we consider this News not-so-old. He and Interviewer Marissa Streit reflect on this History as he tells his important story about being involved with the Trump Administration.

Why We Were Forced to Jab and Mask...


"U.S. Right To Know" Head Gary Ruskin: "The Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics" Is Not A Trustworthy Health Authority...

"Full Measure" host, Sharyl Attkisson talks to Gary Ruskin, who heads the watchdog group "U.S. Right to Know," about the corporate money behind The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Upcoming Events

April 18, 2024

Several US Senate candidates have committed to join us for this Event. These candidates are all are running for Debbie Stabenow's Senate seat. We have extended the invitation to all of the Republican Senate candidates running for this seat and trust even more will attend.

*Many local candidates for Ottawa County races will be guests as well. This is an excellent way for voters to vet candidates running for office while enjoying a nice dinner at the same time! Please join us!

You can still sign up for this event as a dinner guest until the end of the business day on Tuesday, April 16.

LDD Revised

You can RSVP for this awesome event right HERE

Also Upcoming...


Check My Vote/Soles to the Roles Webinar

The Election Integrity Subcommittee is Hosting a Webinar Event!

Date: Monday, April 15

Join us at the Holland Office, or join in the privacy of your own home! [*If you join in person, bring your laptop!]

Time: 6:30—8:30 pm

Address: OCRP Office, 230 Central Ave, Holland, MI 49423

Registration is required prior to the Event! Please register right here⬇️

Upon registering, you will receive an email-invite to join the Webinar.

The Event’s Purpose: To support canvassers for field work and answer any questions.

Our Informed Teaching Guest: Janine Iyer of Livingston County. Janine is the Livingston County Lead for Michigan Fair Elections.

April 23, 2024 at 6:00 pm: Board of Commissioner's Meeting.

Fillmore Complex, Parking Lot "C", 12220 Fillmore Street, West Olive, MI 49460

*Please Come support the Board of Commissioners as they and our community experience an unprecedented Invocation from a satanist leader. You can support through your presence, your prayers or in public comment. 

Volunteer Highlight

Beth Steenwyk

OCRP Secretary and Administration Chair

Beth Steenwyk has done significant work for our Party in the area of Administration and also as Party Secretary. She has so many talents and skills, we've decided to let her tell you about them herself. Beth is fundamental to our work as a County Party and we're excited for you to get know her too. It is our pleasure to highlight her in an interview Q and A.

What do you love the most about Ottawa County?

I was born and raised in Ottawa County, same with my husband, same with our kids. I love living here – we have beautiful Lake Michigan as the best border of our county – I grew up sailing, boating and fishing on Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan. I camped with my family along with Aunts, Uncles and cousins at Holland and Grand Haven State Parks. We went swimming as often as possible.  —In the winter, my Dad took us to explore the frozen lakeshore and we had lots of sledding adventures. I love the West Michigan culture – things have changed over the years, but I’m are still living amongst many that share the same values that I do.  

Why specifically did you get involved in politics?

I found out several years ago that there is corruption in so many places, including in our voting system and government – I had no clue. I was so trusting and decided enough was enough. I wanted to do what I could do and get people in local, state and national seats that will govern righteously and justly. 

Tell us about your office as "OCRP Secretary and Administrations Chair." Help us understand what it is and why people might get involved to help the party in this way.

I didn’t know what a Precinct Delegate was or what role they played until I found out about all the fraud in our government – even at the local level. When I won my seat as Precinct Delegate, I was told I only was required to attend two meetings a year. 

Then I found out there was something called an “Executive Committee” and ended up getting voted to be on it. So much for two meetings a year!

It has been a rich experience to be on the Executive Committee and then to become the Secretary. As the Secretary of the Executive Committee, I automatically became the Chair of the Administration Sub-Committee. Fortunately, I have been blessed with administrative skills, am detail oriented, and have event planning in my background. 

We all know that some things have to be completed by one person, but most meetings and for certain, every event, takes a team. So we collect others to help us complete the tasks needed for the various meetings and events we have and/or host. 

Tell us about your background and other activities. We understand your part of a prayer ministry among other things?

I have been a secretary, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, owned and operated multiple businesses with my husband. Our current business is Chicago Drive Storage, which is located on our home property, and we run it together.  Dave & I attend church in Holland and are involved there as Home Life Group Leaders, Intercessory Council, and Sozo Ministry.  I’m also in leadership at the West Michigan Prayer Center that meets weekly in Kentwood – we pray for our government and areas of cultural influence. 

Please share about your family [to the extent you feel comfortable--this can be high-level] and how or why they are such an important part of your life?

I grew up in a Christian home, with two loving parents, three brothers and a dog. I had lots of cousins to play with growing up and I loved reading books and playing outdoors. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Dave, for 46 years and we have three grown children and eight darling granddaughters. We went from 0 to 6 granddaughters in 18 months. Our daughters each had a baby 8 months apart and then they each had twins 11 weeks apart. The oldest 2 are 13, the twins are 11, then the youngest two are 3 years old and 10 months old. They are all a blast and we love spending time with them!

I consider being a Christ-follower as the most important role in my life, followed by being a godly and loving wife, mother and Nana to my family.  

What changes do you hope to impact by being involved in Ottawa County Politics?

I am a Patriot – I love America. I believe in upholding our constitution – especially the 2nd amendment. I want our country to return to her roots and operate from a basis of Biblical values – beginning with Ottawa County…

Anything else you'd like to share? 

Thank you to all of the wonderful people I have met by becoming a Precinct Delegate. My life is richer from meeting and getting to know you!

Local Business Feature

Kelsea Studebaker of Hudsonville

Kelsea has an awesome curriculum company called Teacher Gems!  What’s great about Kelsea‘s products, is that Kelsea isn’t  only a homeschooling mom for her seven children. She’s also a certified, special education teacher, and spent time teaching in traditional schools before choosing to homeschool her own children. This makes her particular curriculums and materials, unique, and special, with a grounding in the academic principles of Literacy, Math, Science, History, and Critical thinking.

If you know homeschooling families or are venturing into the arena yourself, please consider Kelsea's materials. In fact, even if you're not a homeschooling family, but are interested in supplementary material for your student/child for extra practice in a particular area, this is also an excellent resource. Kelsea is a Patriot citizen who loves God, the traditional principles of family, the original Republican Party Platform and the United States of America!

You can view Kelsea Studebaker's website and order materials at or contact Teacher Gems at

Kids Kolumn

For a Printable PDF of this Happy Spring Coloring Page, click the pic or here

Elephant Fare

Back by Popular Demand, [drum roll please...]'s...

*Darlene Dykstra's Magic Brownies!

Magic Republican Brownies

*You will need to reference the back of the box [below photo] for the variations to this recipe depending on what size pan and how big of a batch you are making. Darlene's notes are where the secrets are, so make sure to read those!

Small 8x8 or 9x9 pan Recipe

1 Pouch of Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix

1/3 Cup of Water

1/3 Cup of Veg Oil

1 egg


Preheat Oven to 325 degrees

Prepare baking pan by lightly greasing with non-stick cooking spray.

Place water, oil and egg (s) in medium bowl and stir until fully mixed. Now add the brownie mix and stir until well-blended. Spread in a prepared pan.

Bake 45-50 minutes.

Darlene's Notes

I typically make a triple batch (16"x12" half sheet pan) and add at least 1 cup of chopped pecans OR butter roasted pecans (if I have on hand).  

I substitute olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

Bake as instructed (I’ve found that 50 mins. seems to be the key). 

I have made them without pecans, yet prefer using them.  

*Let the brownies set at least 2 hours before cutting them.

I wouldn't use any other brownie mix because these ALWAYS turn out perfect! ‘Super moist and they freeze well.

*We used to be involved with a church ministry to international students and these were always a hit with them. On a couple of occasions, I have actually had traveling friends deliver some to previous students who live in Poland and elsewhere––so they became known as my "world famous" brownies!  

It warms my heart that I can treat our special hard working Patriots here in Ottawa County and be a blessing in this small way. 


We appreciate the fact that Costco sells Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix in bulk, given the rate at which Darlene makes brownies for Party gatherings! Here is a link to order the mix if you'd like to try it at home! (Just don't forget Darlene's special substitutions.)



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March Sunset over Zeeland in Holland Township on March 18, 2024

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